Monday, December 15, 2008


Dear Readers,
Instant gratification. That is what we all seek. We look at the trouble we are in financial and we want the magic pill. Being a Christian, sometimes (okay most of the time) I think God will have a large check waiting in the mailbox for me. I constantly remind myself that the only way out is to spend less, not more money. What will I do with more money? Spend it on Christmas gifts. Sometimes (okay all the time) God knows what is best for us. I have tried working a second job-didn't work because of community service activities I felt responsible for. I have tried blogging, but the money doesn't come in quick enough. Again I was seeking more money, not how to spend less money. So, not exactly back to square one, but truly realizing what needs to take place in the family's life.
Blogging needs to be my accountability partner so if you are reading just leave a comment or send an email. Otherwise we just continue writing into oblivion. Everything else will work its way through with blogging.
Good night and good luck.