Monday, October 27, 2008

A New Perpective

What are the benefits of a day off? Sometimes a day off allows the hours to slow down so you can gather your thoughts. Sometimes they can allow you to just sit and listen to your daughter sing along with her iPod. Sometimes they allow you to just and listen to a train go rambling by. A day is needed to just sit and listen to world percolate around you. You know something is brewing, but you don't know what. I sit and listen to the news media bombard us with negativity about our economy and politics. Then I take a day off and watch as my neighbors teach their children how to carve pumpkins or work in the yard. These are the things we work hard for in life-- to spend time with our love ones and not worry how we will provide for them. Right now I need to sacrifice the small amounts of time with them and work more hours to get my house in order. I want to be able to spend a weekend with a daughter on campus and not worry how I will pay for her meals, loneless her multi-thousand dollar education. I should have been concerned about those things earlier in life, but I didn't. I wanted to see several toys under the tree and smiles on their faces as they played their video games and touched the button make sounds on the latest Rescue Heroes Command Center.

Sometimes a day off just gives you a new perspective on the life you have around you. Today I will go teach a young battling cancer at a hospice house. The lessons are just a distraction from the pain and illness from the radiation and chemotherapy. My struggles with my finances are small compared her battle for her life. A new perspective. My dated furniture looks nice compared the family that lost everything they own in a fire. A new perspective. As I downsize to make my budget work, I truly just need a A NEW PERSPECTIVE.

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