Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shining Moment

Today was one of those moments that make all of my struggles worth it. My sixteen year old daughter wants a dog. She wants a dog so bad that she has given up a trip to Germany and her own car. After she gave up those items, I realized how bad our debt situation was and I realized that I couldn't afford Germany, car, or a dog. She received enough money for her sixteenth birthday last week to go to the local humane society and adopt an adorable pup. However, I made her sit down and research how much the dog would cost per month. She did her diligent research and came up with her totals including vet bills and local license requirements. Very impressive for a sixteen year old. Glad she takes after her mother. But back to main point, I sat down with her and showed her that she would have to put money in savings little each month to pay for the annual or quarterly costs. What has taken her father 37 years to learn, my daughter has learned at the 16 years old. She is now planning to get the job and pay for dog. She also is planning to pay the difference in insurance to place her on the auto policy. Now to work on the thirteen year old and the text messaging.

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