Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cheapskate Principle #3

Cheapskate Principle Number #3: Living Ethically and Honestly No Matter The Cost.

Many of you say that this is not a problem. I don't rob, I don't steal, I don't cheat, I go to worship services. No problems. I have one question for you: What about debt collector phone calls? If you have caller id and see the phone number for a debt collector calling, do you answer it? Many times in the past I haven't picked up the phone. What can I tell them? "This isn't your month to be paid because I don't know how to budget properly." That will go over really well. You must know your budget so that you don't drive yourself nuts trying to avoid the calls. Someone may be asking, "I have rights don't I?" You're right, but if you don't discuss with your creditors your situation, they can't work with you and find a solution. If you are not making an effort to work with them, why should they try to work with you? They didn't overspend on that credit card. Call your creditor and work out a solution. Most will cooperate if you are truthful- be honest with them. You will be amaze how well it work for you. I was.

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