Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cheapskate Principle#2: Spirit of Giving

Cheapskate Principle #2 A Spirit of Generosity: This one may be the hardest to understand on a budget. The premise behind the principle is the belief that its not ours. What is "it"? It can be time, money, gifts, or talents. The thing to realize its not ours to control. Remember the whole principle behind budgeting is preparing for emergencies. We can't predict what is to come our way, so why should we hoard things. (There is a difference between hoarding and saving.) I may not have money to give someone else, but I may have some time to give them. Think about the amount of time we waste watching TV or other frivilous things in our life. What a difference we can make in kid's life if we coach a little league baseball team and spend time with them? How would a widower take a person doing some extra chores around their house? All of these things do not involve money.

Another benefit of this spirit of generosity keeps our eyes from focusing on our problems and being concerned about others. Sometime when we wallow in our own grief, we may spend more to make ourselves feel better. If we are trying to stay on a budget, that is not a good situation to be in. Remember, we can't change yesterday, we can't control tomorrow, but we can help today.

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