Saturday, November 8, 2008

Good Morning

Good Morning,
I ended up taking a few days off due to sickness and life. Trent over at The Simple Dollar suggests typing a few entries in advance, but I haven't quite made it there yet. In the past 24 hours a couple major things have happened that will greatly affect my budget. One is the second job. I am working for a major retailier during the holiday season. I will be working in the back with merchandise. I didn't want to see the floor due to being a high school teacher, my students would continually hound me. This is just a seasonal position, but the online tutorial position I applied for is progressing well with their background checks and should meet their 3 month timeline of allowing me to start working :-/. Fingerprints and criminal checks need to be completed in New York while I live in North Carolina. The online tutorial is the job I'm wanting but the food needs to be placed on the table and bills paid so I will do the seasonal job for now.

The other major event is my daughter is going on her first college tour. Her preparations for college has really rung my bell, late as it be in life. What are some thoughts about who to pay for college, the child or the parent? I have read both sides so I'm still looking for perspectives. Thanks.

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